Inspired by lifecameos (First Draft)

In them ole cotton fields back home

Mama and me…and baby makes three

“I’m lonely.” That’s all she said in the voicemail.  So I called her, listened to her, knowing I should be thankful I can hear her voice-this woman I’ve loved and hated-admired and despised-glorified and vilified.

This woman my hero

This woman my worst enemy

This woman my best friend

One day it will end

With flowers and tears

Oh Mama, I wish you could live forever happily

But I know this can’t be

I don’t want to lose you…don’t want to leave you here alone

So I pray that you will peacefully join the daughter you loved and lost

I will gladly pay the cost in lonely tears

Hello Mama, it’s me…just calling to say I love you and I miss you.



Midnight Blue Mama

Midnight Blue Mama