Inspired by lifecameos (First Draft)

In them ole cotton fields back home

Mama and me…and baby makes three

“I’m lonely.” That’s all she said in the voicemail.  So I called her, listened to her, knowing I should be thankful I can hear her voice-this woman I’ve loved and hated-admired and despised-glorified and vilified.

This woman my hero

This woman my worst enemy

This woman my best friend

One day it will end

With flowers and tears

Oh Mama, I wish you could live forever happily

But I know this can’t be

I don’t want to lose you…don’t want to leave you here alone

So I pray that you will peacefully join the daughter you loved and lost

I will gladly pay the cost in lonely tears

Hello Mama, it’s me…just calling to say I love you and I miss you.



6 thoughts on “Inspired by lifecameos (First Draft)

  1. A powerful piece ! And much of it is true for me too. My father cared for my mother and put her into care eventually. That saved me the guilt of doing it. Look after yourself or you won’t be able to look after her.

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    • Unlike your father, mine abandoned his family and lived out of the country until 2014 to evade and avoid court orders. I have made it my goal in life to expose him and all his co-conspirators. This list is long and includes an international oil company and an insurance company.

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      • All power to you, you are very brave. I have written about my father in “Another Phone Call” posted on 10 May, followed by “A still grey Figure” and “Cremation”. I was not there for my mother because I just had to stay away from him, or he would have been a very destructive influence on my life.

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    • My father abandoned my mother and comatose sister, choosing to live out of the country rather than obey court orders. In 2014 he decided to move back to America. I have been exposing him for his fraud via social media…

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  2. The only time I see my father is in Court. We meet again in September, if he shows up. My husband and my best friend support me. Most people really don’t understand. I completely understand what you had to do! I will read the poems you mentioned.


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