They Played For Me


Old Farmhouse Red and White

Sixteen years ago this farmhouse was my home. The Grand Ole Opry still plays here. I’d hear it in the kitchen while I was cooking, cleaning, washing dishes. I’d hear it coming through the wall when I read in bed at night. Especially clear after I’d turn out the light.

I pictured the people who lived here when the radio was playing and all the old greats were entertaining people in houses all over the country. I pictured the woman in the kitchen, doing her chores. I pictured the family gathered around and listening to that radio while they sewed, sharpened knives, did homework. It was a friendly thing, hearing the music this house absorbed.

You can’t see the front porch well in this picture. I couldn’t get many pictures because someone lived here at the time I took it.  On the end, there’s a swing.  The night my Grandmother died, I was sitting in that swing. Her nickname was Cat. While I was slowly swinging, I heard a cat meow in the darkness. I knew it was my Grandmother saying goodbye. Later, I got the call from my family telling me she was gone.

What was it about this particular house? I don’t know myself. I’ve had a couple of other experiences in other places, but none as consistent as what occurred in this house and never any contact from my own family. It wasn’t a scary thing at all. I can still hear the music in my head. I hear Cat telling me goodbye with that meow. Somehow, she knew I would understand.


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