No Trespassing?

I’ve passed this old building for years and kept saying to myself, “Self, you need to get pictures of this place before it’s gone.” Last week I finally did it on a gray, wet day, perfect for checking out an old building, right? I thought so too!

I walked up the old steps, turned around, looked down, imagined all the people who came and went from this old building from the very first day it was opened until the day the doors closed. Taking pictures of the steps I just climbed is one of my “things”. Then…in I went.


All the rooms! Which should I enter first? Anticipation, adventure, a tad of apprehension, but I’m ready, so here I go…

Looks like this room used to be an office. I couldn’t help myself, I had to sit in the chair! The sun broke through the clouds a bit, which lightened the old room and I felt welcome, but I wondered if there might not be some other thing in the chair with me, so I got up and took a picture before I disturbed some creature I’d rather not meet.

What’s this? An old auditorium? An old stage?!?! I just stand and soak it in for a few minutes. Wow…this is so cool! Well, I thought about it, but only for a sec, then the ham in me said, “You know you want to, so JUST DO IT!”

This. Is. AWESOME!!! Here I am, a STAR!!! The floodlights are illuminating me. I can’t see the people, but they can see me and I’m ready to give the performance of a lifetime. Silly me, I’m 53 years old and here I am pretending. Hey, that’s what actors do.

Shout out to those here before me. You were all superstars, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing the limelight with me.