Be Happy

If It Doesn't Get Harder, You're Not Doing It Right!

If It Doesn’t Get Harder, You’re Not Doing It Right!

“If it doesn’t get harder, you’re not doing it right!”

That’s what God said during Daily Med.


The Wall

The Wall

We children of Gad are foreigners in this world. Being a Spirit-filled believer makes you a target for the enemy. Our enemy is Satan, god of this world. Our adversary. Our accuser.

So, I was reflecting…

May 1, 2015 started well. I did my Daily Med, got the animals fed, then went to Holley Hill.  The fact that Jason’s cat was missing made me cry.

Once I started crying, I just let myself grieve on Holley Hill.  I cried for all the pain and losses over the years of my life.  I allowed myself to grieve the loss of Daddy.  He was killed by a man I call the Familiar Stranger.  Also, the Father of Lies.

That May Day, I wanted to get well or die.  I felt useless.  No-one believed in me any more.  Not even Jason, my blessing, my husband, could believe that I would ever write, would ever finish anything.

I thought all my hours of work unseen were worthless, wasted hours.  So I asked God to make me well or take me home. I was tired of being a foreigner in this foreign land. God restored to me His Spirit.  I left Holley Hill and traveled back to Moody Hayfield with the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Much has transpired since that darkest/brightest day

The enemy loves complacence.  Remember! If it doesn’t get harder, you’re not doing it right! 🙂

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