9 thoughts on “For My Mentor

  1. Just a thought. Since all three lines speak to color, perhaps L2 and L3 could appeal instead to the fragrance or the velvety feel of the petals. L1 I wouldn’t change! LOVE THE PHRASE “FEROCIOUS ORANGE”!!

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      • Very good! I look forward to seeing the result. As for choosing “ferocious orange” to reinforce the “tiger lily” image, it’s a marriage made in heaven…BUT…my advice would be not to tell the reader. Let them figure it out for themselves, which helps them to be more involved in the haiku process. Remember, don’t give away the secrets of your art any more than a magician would give away the secrets to his tricks! Also, can you imagine a “visial artist” or painter telling the attendees at his art show “WHY” he chose the colors he chose, the perspective he chose, or the type of brush strokes. This is very important. Play your cards chose to your chest and involve your readers. They only need to see the result, not HOW the result was achieved. *easy smile*

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