May Day! May Day!

May...Be Happy

May…Be Happy

Happy May Day to all.  I won’t be dancing around a Maypole today, but I’ve been outside on a beautiful and cool May morning.

Thankful I’m feeling well again this morning.  It “may” sound simplistic, but how about making an effort to be happy today by

making someone else smile?

You never know what a smile can do for another person until you try it.  Have you ever looked at people’s faces and been able to

tell if they’re cheerful people or angst filled people by the lines on their face?  Cheerful people have smile wrinkles.  Angry,

unhappy people have frown wrinkles…the lines between their brows,  turned down lips.  They seem to be waiting for the worst.

Pollyanna says, “Turn that frown upside down.”

Have a nice day! 🙂

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