6 thoughts on “You Can’t Tame A Wild Rose

  1. I like this very much! And it seems we BOTH like “Star Trek”! *g* Your middle line and the last line of my tanka “A FORCED CONVERSION EXPERIENCE” (04/27/2015) are very similar! great minds…etc.!


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      • Funny! That’s exactly what I’m doing now — going through some of my old “poetry” — 1984 and before — before haiku posssessed me body and soul! Your haiku are worlds beyond most of the pablum I read online! Stick with it…email me if I can be of help!


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      • And I’m glad you did! Congratulations on being one of only five who have purchased it so far! But is was never about making money — one should look elsewhere for such mundane pursuits! Right?!

        If you have any questions, I welcome the opportunity to try to answer them. Email me any time! Seriously! 🙂 ❤


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      • 🙂 Getting ready to read it now. Monetary recognition would be an added perk, but getting words out there and having people like them? PRICELESS!!! I will probably be taking you up on your offer of help. I appreciate you taking time to talk with me.


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