4 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Hi, Robin!

    Could you list some of the great blogs you have found recently? Would love to check them out!


    Ron — Haiku Odyssey.com


    • Well, yours, of course! I love the quick response from you in comments. Harsh Reality, JuJu Films, are two blogs that have inter-acted with me pretty much from the beginning of my blogger lifestyle. oneanna65, oh I feel so bad, I can’t think of them all right now. That’s my project for the week, really explore these blogs. I’m telling you, there are some inspirational, wise and talented people!


      • Bless your heart…THANK YOU! I wasn’t trying for a “plug” for my blog or anything, but I AM glad you like it! I’m familiar with two of the three blogs you listed and heartily agree! Nice folks, great bloggers! Best of luck searching out other “super-blogs” in the weeks ahead!

        Warmest Regards,


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      • Yes, I like it and it took me back to some of my writing from1996, experimenting with Haiku. I must admit my bog format is all over the place, but I plan to at least learn to categorize soon. I’ve gotten some great responses from animal lovers, MarcAndre is one. I’m not sure if I’m even getting his blog’s name right. Beautiful Insanity is another…


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