Good Friday’s Got Me Thinking

I need a home church

I need a home church?

On the Way to Monroeville

On the Way to Monroeville

Burnt Corn

Burnt Corn



I take pictures of things that interest and intrigue me. The beauty of little country churches does both.

I went to Church once last year, with my son and his family. It felt good to be there.  Back home, I decided to find myself a Church.   I walked in early, heard lots of instruments, LOUD instruments, I wouldn’t really call it music. I heard a couple of men talking in an office. I saw a couple of people, but they were busy doing other things. I left my name, address and telephone number in the guest book, then I left the premises. Not the Church for me.

Do you have to be in a building to be in Church? I don’t think so. I remember what my PaPa used to say, “I feel like I’m in Church when I walk through the woods.”

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