Dear Henry from Warri, Nigeria

Robin and Sheila Holley  Warri, Nigeria 1968

Robin and Sheila Holley Warri, Nigeria 1968

Dear Henry,

We’ve often wondered about you. Do you remember these two girls? You took care of us. You were hired to be our gardener,

but you wound up taking care of me and Sheila. You taught me to ride a bicycle. You got into a fight with a man that touched my sister. You took care of Sheila while my mother and I had school. I was home-schooled, so my mother taught me to read. Sometimes, before our lesson ended for the day, Sheila would climb onto the window ledge like a little monkey. She would say “Goody, Goody” because that was the name of the candy you bought for us on Sheila’s trip with you to the market while school was in session.

We have so many memories of you, I thought I’d post this letter. I have some sad news to tell you if you do by chance read this. Sheila died in 1995. I’m sorry to have to tell you, but we truly loved you, Henry. I want you to know what an impact you made on the lives of the American females in the late 1960’s. I must correct one thing, the love is not in the past. We still love you today.

To my Nigerian friends on WordPress and Facebook,

If any of you recognize these pictures and remember my family and Henry, please let me know.

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