I Was Angry





Angry and grieving for our broken family.  It’s decades later.  I learn from God. I am no longer angry at God, running and rebelling, lashing out because He let this devastation happen in my family.

Anger is expressed:

1. RAGE-n. 1. insanity (obs.)  2. A furious, uncontrolled anger; esp. a brief spell of raving fury. 3. A great force, violence or intensity, as of the wind. 4. A strong emotion, enthusiasm, or desire.

2. RESENTMENT-n. A feeling of displeasure and indignation, from a sense of being injured or offended.

Resentful-adj. Feeling or showing resentment.

Resent-vt. To feel or show displeasure and hurt or indignation AT (some act, remark, etc.) or TOWARD (a person), from a sense of being injured or offended.

3. INDIGNATION-n. Anger or scorn that is a reaction to injustice, ingratitude, or meanness.

Indignant-adj. …Feeling or expressing anger or scorn, esp. at unjust, mean, or ungrateful action or treatment.

My friends, I have learned this. Family is a bond that Satan will break using any and all means necessary. Fractured families = Fractured lives. If Satan can keep us broken, distracted, ANGRY at God, he wins. We do the hard work for him by poisoning ourselves and everyone around. We isolate ourselves. A vicious cycle that only you can break by understanding yourself and your motives. Forgive yourself. Help others through the maze.

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