Stage Fright

One More Love

One More Love

It’s been busy around here, editing my NaNoWriMo, which I did finish, but not win. I got halfway through and my muse changed courses, now I have two different pieces instead of one, so I didn’t enter it.

Thanks to three bloggers who took time to respond to me. Opinionated Man, Juju Films and Guilhem Ribart. A writer, a film maker and an artist. I will be following you all and gaining inspiration from three who took the time to respond to a newbie..

I have a case of the jitters because I finally did it. Last Tuesday Greenville Community Theater had a cold reading for their play. I chickened out and didn’t go. Yesterday, I called to offer my help on the play. Turns out a lady had to drop her part, so I’m going tonight for a cold reading. I am so excited! I am so nervous! I am SO doing this!

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