Bossy Babysitter

Bossy & Lefty

Bossy & Lefty

The pretty red girl on the right is Bossy. She’s a little over a year older than Lefty, the handsome boy on the left. Bossy is my husband’s darling. She really can do no wrong. I brought Bossy home from being “fixed” on a Thursday in the spring of 2013. I thought we were through with puppies for awhile, Bossy is growing into a well-mannered girl. I walk out to putter in the yard and I hear the most pitiful howls. So, I go get hubby and we investigate. This little guy has his left paw stuck in some vines and he can’t get away. Of course, he’s Lefty and we take him home. Bossy took to him and treated him like her child, so I call her Bossy Babysitter. When he misbehaves I say, “Bossy, go take care of your baby.” She runs to check on him. I caught them in motion on our walk this afternoon.

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