Portal to Knowledge

Annex School

Annex School


I’m fascinated by this old schoolhouse. It’s not possible for me to take pictures away from Moody Hayfield today, so I’m posting another of the school my mother attended. Her father went to school here when he was a lad.  I like the angle of this picture. I can imagine my grandfather as a young farm boy, looking up at this Portal to Knowledge. How big it must have seemed at the time. This young man grew up to have many adventures and live in places all over the globe.  Here’s where his adventure began.

My mother went to school here in the early 50’s. She loved these woods so much she chose to stay with her grandmother instead of moving to Louisiana. She’s told me many stories of recess time at this school.   That young girl grew up to travel the globe with her two daughters. I am the oldest of those two daughters and I returned to these woods after years of globe-trotting. My sister is buried down the road. It all began with their first step through these doors. My dream is to obtain permission from the owner to walk through those doors and take more pictures.



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