Haunting Story…Elizabeth, is it You?

I Come From Around Here

I Come From Around Here



On a cool fall night a few years ago my friends Pip and Peale were on their way to my house. Sid Vicious, their Rottweiler, was riding in the truck bed. As they passed the cemetery, Sid Vicious barked once, then whined and lay down in the truck bed. Peale said she had to move closer to Pip because a little woman was in the truck. She had on a bonnet, a long dress and button up boots. Peale said she could see the boots because the woman’s feet didn’t touch the floor. Silence in the cab, silence in the truck bed…they reached the fork in the dirt road where you turn to get to Holley Hill and the little woman disappeared, Sid Vicious stood up, Peale had her seat back. They would never ride by the cemetery at night after that. True Story. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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