KHAWAGA My Life as a Foreigner

Memoir of a father/daughter broken relationship.

It’s been a slow and painful journey through the dysfunction. Identifying his sickness (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) was key in my progress.

I’ve been writing KHAWAGA since  2014. The chapters are falling into place, it’s no longer just pages of words.

There is healing in the power of the written word.


marble concrete steel

icy blue eyes shoot daggers

familiar stranger






The mushroom in my photo did not let the pot get in its way. Instead of saying, “Oh, I’ve been blocked, I’ll just give up!”, it just changed directions.

I’m going to print this photo, frame it and keep it on my desk as a reminder that I don’t have to feel “blocked”. Like this jaunty yellow mushroom, I’ll just get a little sideways.


Characters blocked.

Truth as fiction is hard to write.

So called justice through the court system in America? If you haven’t already figured it out for yourself, it boils down to this anonymous quote, “Whoever has the most marbles wins.”

Stacks of documents, yet he’s still free. International Deadbeat Dad. The story of how low he will sink to perpetuate a fraud.

Forty-one years later, no justice. Blocked at every turn in real life and blocked in writing, a character is clammering to be set free.

Alexandria Pearl McClammy

“Integrate! I’ll unblock you.”

I hear her. She’s been getting louder for almost four years.

I’m letting her have a go at it.

Truth as Fiction.